FreeBSD 13.0 Upgrade Gotcha document?

andrew clarke mail at
Sun Apr 18 04:12:59 UTC 2021

On 2021-04-17 10:00:53, Graham Perrin (grahamperrin at wrote:

> > > *) Make sure to re-install your boot loader before you
> > >    `zpool upgrade zroot` to not break bootloader.
> > I believe "zpool upgrade" previously warned the admin to run
> > "gpart bootcode" to install the most recent bootcode for a ZFS
> > boot pool, but in 13.0 that warning is gone.
> From <>:
> >>> … To update old ESP partitions, users should stop using the gpart(8)
> <>
> utility. Instead,…

That section of the release notes is a bit misleading. ESP is short for
"EFI System Partition" and this section of the 13.0 release notes only
applies to systems booting with EFI.

For older (vintage?) systems like mine that continue to use MBR, evidently
the command "gpart bootcode" is still correct. I used it in 13.0 after
upgrading my zroot pool on two different machines.

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