FreeBSD 13.0 Upgrade Gotcha document?

Doug McIntyre merlyn at
Fri Apr 16 18:47:35 UTC 2021

Is there a document somewhere documenting all the "gotchas" on doing a
FreeBSD 13.0 binary upgrades now-a-days?

Such as

*) additional zpools won't auto-import on boot until
  'freebsd-update' is run again after boot to install new userland.
  (Bad news if you leave your home directories on a secondary zpool and
  don't have access to console and have best practice of not allowing root ssh in).

*) Zpools probably need to have 'zpool upgrade' done on them.

*) Make sure to re-install your boot loader before you
  `zpool upgrade zroot` to not break bootloader.

*) /etc/motd has a new mechanism, look at /etc/motd.template instead.

Anything else?

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