Specifying & searching of package flavors

Graham Perrin grahamperrin at gmail.com
Fri Apr 16 01:33:41 UTC 2021

On 16/04/2021 00:18, parv/freebsd wrote:

> On Thu, Apr 15, 2021 at 1:05 PM parv/freebsd wrote:
>> 1- How does one search for available flavors of a package by partial
>>     or full package origin?
>>    For example, given origin of "devel/lua-stdlib" would install the
>> packages
>>    for all available versions of lua (5.1--5.4). Only way I found that that
>>    would be the case is during the actual install.
>>    Issues here ...
>>    - "pkg search lua-stdlib" does not show any results;
>>    - "pkg install lua-stdlib at lua54" fails to find any available packages.
>> Only
>>      thing that would work is "lua54-stdlib";
>>    - to be able to "-x" option, I would need to have prior knowledge to use
>>      "lua.+?stdlib" ( "lua.+?-stdlib" does not work) to give to
>> pkg-{info,search}.
> ...
> I meant '... "lua.+stdlib" ("lua.+?-stdlib" does not work) to give to
> pkg-{info,search}'.

Not the answer that you want, but I guess that from multiple lines of 
output it's possible to (at least) tell that there _exist_ flavours for 
a port:

% pkg rquery --regex '%o %v %R' lua.+stdlib$ | sort
devel/lua-stdlib 41.2.2_1 FreeBSD
devel/lua-stdlib 41.2.2_1 FreeBSD
devel/lua-stdlib 41.2.2_1 FreeBSD
devel/lua-stdlib 41.2.2_1 FreeBSD

– then <https://www.freshports.org/devel/lua-stdlib/#flavors>.

(<https://www.freshports.org/faq.php#anchors> lists the in-page anchors 
that are now available in FreshPorts.)

Old, but maybe relevant:


 >> … can't use pkg-query(8) or pkg-rquery(8) or similar to select
 >> and display packages according to the new metadata items like
 >> flavor. …

(My knowledge of flavours is minimal so if that's no longer relevant, 

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