WLAN and iPhone tethering problems

于家傲 friendjane at nefu.edu.cn
Thu Apr 15 13:57:02 UTC 2021

Hello everyone,

  I am a new comer to FreeBSD. I got a Dell Inspiron m5110 and trying to install FreeBSD 12.2 64-bit. Pitifully, the original wireless card is Dell 1701 (Broadcom BCM4313), which is not supported. So I replaced it with Dell 1901 (Atheros AR9462). According to the documents, this should work very well, but it doesn’t seem so. When I running the installer from USB stick, the card was recognized, however, not all WiFis are scanned ( All the access points' rate was displayed as 54M when I entered the system later, I wonder if 802.11n has been supported by the driver). Then I tried to scan a few more times, this time, it found no network at all!
  I had to skip the WiFi setting and finished setting up the system. Then I boot into the new system and configured wireless network manually according to the Handbook. I turned on my iPhone's hotspot and successfully connected to it. But it turned out to be very unstable, easily to get dropped out and cannot get IP again.
  Someone also told me to try iPhone tethering, I do so following the Handbook. The iPhone was recognized only after configured by usbconfig -u 0 -a 2 set_config  3, but I can’t get IP address, no response was got by dhclient. How can I get to wireless networks?
Dell Inspiron m5110
AMD A4-3300M
Dell Wireless 1901
iPhone SE 2, with iOS 13.7

Hope to sort out this problem with your help, I really didn’t expect that I will got so much problems trying a new operating system. (I never installed even a Linux before!) :-b

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