Why is freebsd-update so horrible slow?

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Wed Apr 14 23:56:50 UTC 2021

On Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 02:39:39AM +0100, Erik Lauritsen wrote:
> I have been setting here for about 6 hours waiting for an upgrade 
> from 12.2 to 13 and freebsd-update is only half way through 
> getting all the patches!
> It's painful. It's like the 90th with 56k modems and I am on a 
> gigabit wire.

It could be a whole host of things. Regardless of the speed of your
connection, it could be slowed by any congestion between your
connection and the update servers. It could be caused by dns timing
out on your connection. Or distance. Some diagnostic like traceroute 
and ping would help.

An upgrade from 12.2-p6 to 13.0 took around 20 mins for me, and I'm on
fibre. That's freebsd-update fetch, install, reboot, install, reboot.

% host update.freebsd.org
update.freebsd.org has address
update.freebsd.org has address

the 1st ip is 20 hops away from me, the 2nd one 16 hops. My machines are
in the UK.
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