tcsh oddity

doug doug at
Sun Apr 11 16:12:18 UTC 2021

On Sat, 10 Apr 2021, Matthew Seaman wrote:

> On 09/04/2021 18:53, doug wrote:
>> I recently had to restore my workstation. As it happened I did not restore 
>> the /usr/share/skel files, .history is what my question is about. As you 
>> know <esc>p will match commands earlier typed in with the 
>> pattern on the line. There are a couple of commands I type incessantly. 
>> <esc>p did not pick these up immediately, but after a while it has 
>> "learned" about the commands. However this works it does not seem to be 
>> via .commands. Does anyone know how tcsh starts "remembering" repeated 
>> commands?
> ESC-p is a backwards seach of your .history

Thanks Matthew. It seems to me to be a bit more complex than that. On the 
re-build system in question <esc>p does not find things grep does in 
.history and it did not find a command that I entered until I had 
repeatedly enter the command for several days. I do have 10+ xterms open at 
any given time. On the older systems repleated <esc>p search for matches 
past the first one.

I suppose it might have to do with difference in how concurrent access to 
.history is handled. I keep 1,000 lines but because I stay logged into 
servers for a very long time the ssh login will have easily rolled off. The 
commands however are remembered.

I may have more interaction with tcsh and this because I almost never type 
when I can cut & paste or use <esc>p.

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