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Sat Apr 10 07:40:52 UTC 2021

(Dropping freebsd-current from the list of addressees at this point …)

On 10/04/2021 05:19, Warner Losh wrote:

> On Fri, Apr 9, 2021 at 9:43 PM Graham Perrin <grahamperrin at 
> <mailto:grahamperrin at>> wrote:
>     … There's a slight discrepancy between
>     <
>     <>>
>     (Committer's Guide, undated) exemplifying '-o freebsd' and
>     <
>     <>>
>     (FreeBSD
>     Handbook, undated) without the option in at least one example.
>     -o <name>, --origin <name> was recently discussed under
>     <
>     <>>
> Yes. The examples in mirrors were written and copied from elsewhere 
> about the same time I decided to make all examples use  -o freebsd. I 
> missed these. I'm about  to push a fix.

Thanks, Warner.


Incidentally (for people with an interest in documentation) I spent 
around half an hour trying to understand how I had found my way to a 
mirror of the handbook. I didn't recall being there as a result of a 
Google search. Eventually I realised:

* /mirrors/ is used for Appendix A, which is about much more than 
mirrors; and

* official mirrors a subsection of Appendix D, with mirrors nowhere in 
the URL.


At <> in lieu of the 
word 'Appendix' four times, there should be:

A. …
B. …
C. …
D. …


<> lacks a link to the glossary.

I stumbled into the glossary by clicking 'Next' at the foot of 

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