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Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
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El día lunes, abril 05, 2021 a las 09:12:27a. m. +0200, Peter Cornelius escribió:

> G'day, folks,
> Regarding the first post, I would not mind to see such application in ports myself though I think that the mobile apps suggest more than they hold.
> Regarding 2.4 GHz WiFi, I have come to the conclusion that I will avoid that band with WiFi wherever I can. I have the experience from my earlier place in town where I was able to see the beacons of the order of 50 wlans, that a single station not on one of the non-overlapping bands [1] causes so much interference to all on one of the non-overlapping ones that there is no throughput at all for anyone. I don't know what kind of pot people had when they invented that standard, but that's how it is.
> When you use such 'free' channel (as in the image at the mail starting this thread), all that happens is that you can't decode the others, and the others can't decode your emissions but you very effectively interfere with each other, making the entire spectrum unusable. And all the blue teeth and other emissions on that band just add to that.
> In short, if all stick to the non-overlapping channels (and do not bundle), one may get some throughput as the protocol can control the channel. If one deviates, forget it.

Hi Peter,

The AP at home has only support for 2.4 GHz and my devices (FreeBSD laptops,
Linux laptops and a bunch of E4.5 Ubuntu cellphones) perhaps also only
for 2.4 GHz.

Which channel you would suggest? 

The question has todo with one of the BQ E4.5 Ubuntu cellphones
I have here in my family: It connects fine with *any* AP outside my house
(in my company, public APs and even using my iPhone 8 as AP in personal
hotspot mode). But it does not work with the AP in question. It
connects, get an IP assigned but traffic to/from get stuck. Maybe some
interference which affects only this device. It was not always this way,
it started from one day to the other...

Thanks for any hint what I could do.

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