OpenZFS from ports

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Sat Apr 3 09:10:37 UTC 2021


In the next few days I'm going to convert a 11.4 system from UFS + 
In the past I would have created two sets of partitions, one for a zpool 
and one for a zpool/GELI.
Of course this would be a limitation since the partition sizes are fixed 

I hear OpenZFS has native encryption, but I'm not prepared to move to 13 
yet, so I'm evaulating upgrading to 12.2 and using OpenZFS from ports.
Is this possible? Stable? Discouraged?
Anything to watch for?
Any disadvantage over GELI?

My (not definitive) plan would be:
_ move everything to ZFS first (this would be to a new set of HDs, so I 
could keep the old ones as backup), losing encryption;
_ upgrade to 12.2;
_ switch to OpenZFS;
_ create a new encrypted dataset and move there the data that should be 

Any better hint?

I know kernel modules should be built locally, but I normally build with 
poudriere and never had any trouble.
Would this work for sysutils/openzfs-kmod?

  bye & Thanks

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