devel/google-perftools in a jail

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Sat Apr 3 07:53:42 UTC 2021

On 4/2/21 9:13 PM, yuri at wrote:
> On 4/2/21 4:56 AM, Andrea Venturoli wrote:
>>> Is the string '/usr/jails/' present in prof.out?
>> Yes. 
> Was the profiling session run on the same system/in the same jail?

All is happening *inside* the jail

> Did these files exist right after the profiling session?

No (again, not in the jail POV).

I think perftools-pprof queries for a given library and, instead of the 
path in the jail's filesystem space, somehow gets the same file but in 
the host's filesystem space.
I don't know how it tries to get these, though.

> Profiling session and display session should run on exactly same 
> system/same jail.

That's what I'm doing.

> Besides, even when run in jail, jail paths aren't visible to regular 
> executables because jail runs in chroot environment.

s/aren't visible/shouldn't be visible/

> This error should be impossible - something really weird occurred.

Never mind; I've moved to another tool meanwhile.
If you want me to open a bug report for the record, just ask.

  bye & Thanks

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