Cannot ping Wireguard wg0 interface

John Radley (jradxl2) jradxl2 at
Wed Sep 30 10:15:26 UTC 2020

I "can" ping em0 ethernet on this machine, and networking is working fine
via this interface.
But I cannot ping wg0 on this same machine.
Tcpdump shows me that the ICMP request is being sent but there is no reply.
wg show tells me the Wireguard VPN is connected and handshaking.
There are definitely no firewalls running on this machine.
As you might expect the Wireguard VPN does not pass traffic, even for SSH -
I cannot ping either end.
I use same configuration techniques on both Debian and Ubuntu without issue.
Is there likely to be an issue with the implementation of Wireguard in
freebsd 12 latest?

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