fresh server sendmail or postfix / webmail.

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Thu Sep 17 18:02:45 UTC 2020

In article <MWHPR06MB3247706BA1E3F1C75810566C9A3E0 at> you write:
>Dear FreeBSDer,
>Good day/evening.
>I have up and running mail server with some web apps, server running since many years back until today (7-Release, 🙂 ) its
>time to move to a new server! thank you freebsd!
>for the new server:
>is it really important to change MTA to postfix or any other MTA than sendmail ?
>or send mail is enough. (my existing old server is on sendmail) its a Mail server !

It depends on what you want to do. If the web apps are just sending
out a few status messages, I'd use dma to send the mail to a
smarthost. It's part of the base system and very easy to set up.

>if yes,  is installing postfix from /ports enough?

If you want a full MTA, yes.

>any recommendation for a webmail ? (maybe roundcube) ?
>(on my old server openwebmail works great! but unfortunately, its outdated)

Everyone uses roundcube. It works pretty well. It does need IMAP and
submission servers on the same host or elsewhere for the actual mail

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