first use of virtualbox on fbsd host

S. Franks bahamasfranks at
Tue Sep 8 18:49:59 UTC 2020


I've got some machines on my linux host I'd like to try on the fbsd host.

On linux, it's easy: copy the .vbox, and .vdi file to
/home/$USER/.VirtualBox folder, run the gui, and it's right there in the
list. If not, manually edit the vbox file with a txt editor to fix the path
that's causing compliants. Edit vbox.xml file worst-case. Simple.

I suppose I should mention the fbsd server is headless, which is probably
9/10th's of the problem, since I can't run the control gui so it's never
created the deafult files? I searched the entire system, there's no vbox
xml file, probably cause I haven't ever successfully loaded a machine on
this system? There doesn't seem to be any vbox folders or files in /etc,
/usr/local/etc, /usr/share, etc. The handbook only tells you how to install
vbox, with zero info on making it run (so I guess it's supposed to 'just
work' for people who aren't idiots; sadly not a set which includes myself

I did convince some of the shell commands to error out with references to
/root/.config/virtualbox, but I can't seem to get the commands to recognize
the vbox and vdi files when I place them in that path either. Totally

Many thanks!

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