packer script for virtual box that works?

Gary Aitken freebsd at
Wed Sep 2 21:17:35 UTC 2020

I've managed to get virtualbox installed and running, and using the gui I can
create a ubuntu-18.04.5 server VM that seems to work.  However, when I try to
build a system from the same iso using packer, it starts up, goes through the
install questions, then fails and reboots... in an endless cycle.

Can anyone send me / post a packer .json spec for ubuntu-18.04.5 (or anything)
that works?  I suspect there are all sorts of missing directives that don't
seem to be documented anywhere (I can't find a list of directives for builders
in the packer info on the web); it took me forever to track down the
"guest_os_type": "Ubuntu_64" directive.



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