Problems with FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE

Jack Raats mlist at
Thu Oct 29 16:23:07 UTC 2020

I know but this machine uses packages....
I'm going to compile lsof on my home server to see what happens


Op 29-10-2020 17:18 heeft Christos Chatzaras <owner-freebsd-questions at namens chris at> geschreven:

    > On 29 Oct 2020, at 18:13, Jack Raats <mlist at> wrote:
    > Starting lsof gives the following error
    > root at one:/var/log # lsof
    > lsof: WARNING: compiled for FreeBSD release 12.1-RELEASE-p10; this is 12.2-RELEASE.
    > COMMAND     PID     USER   FD     TYPE               DEVICE           SIZE/OFF  NODE NAME

    Rebuild the lsof port.
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