What is the "better / best " method to multi-boot different OSes natively WITHOUT VirtualBox(es) ?

doug at safeport.com doug at safeport.com
Wed Oct 28 00:05:19 UTC 2020

On Sat, 24 Oct 2020, Polytropon wrote:

> On Sat, 24 Oct 2020 02:51:25 -0700, TheBigBlue Guard wrote:
>> Yes ...everyone...What is the "better /best and least expensive " method(s)
>> to mult-boot different OSes natively WITHOUT virtual boxes like VirtualPC
>> or DOSBox etc. I was seriously thinking about mult-booting 5-6 different
>> operating systems including freeBSD.....
> Depends. On sooo many things... ;-)
> Is your computer using BIOS or UEFI? Do you have MBR or GPT
> partitions in place? Shall the different systems be aware of
> each other? Is it intended for them to share resources?
> If you can answer with "yes", "yes", and "let's see", the
> following article is probably quite helpful for you:
> https://github.com/bourne-again/TripleBoot-UEFI
> For this to be valid, I simply assume that you have a sufficiently
> recent PC that no longer uses a BIOS, and you will prepare your
> disks using GPT. Those are a lot of assumtions, though. And as I
> said initially, there is no definite answer, because the question
> contains too many variables. Does not compute. :-)

Great link - thank you. I am generally only interested in dual booting a 
new laptop. I suppose booting from a usb might be feasible but I have 
enough trouble making sure I have the charging stuff, a network extender, 
and ethernet cables without adding to that. For me, if I hit any issue with 
a desktop its bye-bye winders assuming I thought about keep it.

I would be interested in opinions on the best hard disks. I agree here you
get what you pay for. I have two NAS appliances with Western Digital. On
the older one two disks have gone bad in what seems to me not that long.

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