What is the "better / best " method to multi-boot different OSes natively WITHOUT VirtualBox(es) ?

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Mon Oct 26 04:20:01 UTC 2020

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> Ralf Mardorf <ralf-mardorf at riseup.net> wrote:
>> A hot swap drive bay inherits the risk of a damage by static
>> electricity when changing drives.
> 	Pretty minimal risk IME - by the time you've opened the bay and
> pulled out the old drive you've discharged to ground (it's pretty much
> impossible not to touch grounded metal doing this) and as long as the
> replacement drive is to hand nothing is going to charge you up again.

Interestingly, some hard drives develop rather hight static voltages between drive case and electronics. In general, spinning drive is akin Van der Graaf Generator. I remember some young company that surfaced on “consumer grade” RAID field (OK, I’ll name them: raid.com) was making plastic drive enclosures, so drive case was fully isolated from everything. Every so often such Van der Graaf Generator was developing on the drive case voltage large enough for breakdown of air gap between case and electronics, drive electronics was getting surge, and drive, though not killed, was kicked out of array. I shared office with sysadmin who had RAID box with that trouble, and when company finally made metal strips connecting  drive case to chassis case, I learned what kind of trouble my office mate had and physics behind that was clear from the solution.


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