PHP-FPM processes hang in UFS-state

Christos Chatzaras chris at
Sat Oct 24 12:28:10 UTC 2020

This issue happened in 3 different servers the last months.

Some PHP-FPM processes hang in UFS-state.

The websites that cause the hang are all Prestashop and it's related to their var/cache files (I believe it happens when they clear the cache and the files are regenerated).

This is a php-fpm process that hang:

procstat -kk 73548

  PID    TID COMM                TDNAME              KSTACK
73548 100630 php-fpm             -                   mi_switch+0xe2 sleepq_wait+0x2c sleeplk+0x185 lockmgr_xlock_hard+0x1f5 __lockmgr_args+0x2bf ffs_lock+0xa5 VOP_LOCK1_APV+0x7c _vn_lock+0x44 vget+0x4a vfs_hash_get+0xb0 ffs_vgetf+0x3f softdep_sync_buf+0xbee ffs_syncvnode+0x26f ffs_truncate+0x71b ufs_direnter+0x5f8 ufs_makeinode+0x5fb ufs_create+0x34 VOP_CREATE_APV+0x76 

procstat -kk -a :

mount | grep home :

dumpfs /dev/mirror/gm0p7 :

I have to force reboot the server as /home is not possible to clean unmount. Then I run fsck which fixes some issues because of the unclean reboot. Then I run fsck again that shows no errors. Then I mount /home and first rename the cache folders and finally delete var/cache and allow it to regenerate prestashop files. But the same issue happens again after few days.

Any idea how to troubleshoot it?

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