A couple of questions about SSDs

Ralf Mardorf ralf-mardorf at riseup.net
Wed Oct 14 10:15:08 UTC 2020

On Wed, 14 Oct 2020 11:03:57 +0200, Andrea Venturoli wrote:
>I've heard people say that Windows will soon wear an SSD out unless
>you turn swap off.
>While I don't believe that 100%, is there any reccomendation wrt to 
>FreeBSD swap in an SSD only install?
>Is anyone using Poudriere on SSDs? Are there any measures of the
>impact on wear?


I wonder why I need to read on all computer related mailing list the
same questions related to SSDs again and again.

For what do we get HDDs or SSDs? We get them for using them. However,
there is a very clear answer to your question. Keep the SSD in the
original packaging, never use it, this does reduce wear a lot.

However, if you decide to use it for read and write operations, you can
handle it in the same way as you handle a HDD, just use the trim command
from time to time. SSDs don't break after a year, if you use them. They
last for years. Non of mine ever failed. Probably SSDs suffer from less
wear than HDDs do, time will show us. I'm using HDDs only for backups
and to archive data.

Handles, light switches, everything wears out. This is the
nature of everyday objects, but all those things last for a reasonable
time, if you use them.

SSDs aren't cheap USB sticks, they are made for modern computers that
write and read way more data, than computers did a few years back. Swap
is probably never used, but software sizes, picture and video sizes,
and other data sizes, professional and home used data increased a lot.

What exactly makes you think, that SSDs need gentle treatment?


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