roundcube dovecot spamas (paid help)

Marwan Sultan dead_line at
Thu Oct 1 04:11:05 UTC 2020

Dear FreeBSDer,

 Im on latest FreeBSD 12.1R
 I installed apache, mysql8, php7.4, postfix and some extra dependencies.
 all Working.

 I'm looking for a professional help (Paid) to install DoveCot, spamassassin, tweak postfix and install roundcube or rainloop.

 If this is easy with no mistakes from a verified person skilled on FREEBSD please contact me asap.
 i face a hard time installing dovecot, ssl.. i have no time to test and test again. (most online articles has mistakes)

 PS sorry if this is a wrong list, i know no one but freebsd.

 Thank you

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