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Mon Nov 30 22:38:58 UTC 2020

On Mon, 30 Nov 2020 22:21:49 +0100
siefke_listen at web.de wrote:

> I try to run local unbound. 
> I use root.hints, no need forwarding and not need remote control. 
> After restart I become: 
> Starting local_unbound.
> Waiting for nameserver to start...[1606771048]
> unbound-control[45916:0] warning: control-enable is 'no' in the
> config file. [1606771048] unbound-control[45916:0] error: connect:
> Connection refused for port 8953 giving up

> Is there a way to use it without control? 

Does local_unbound work though? 

Its rc.d script polls up to 5 times using unbound-control to check it's
ready to accept queries. Those errors look cosmetic aside from causing a
few seconds extra delay at start-up.

I'd be interested to know whether it does work because someone once
mentioned that local_unbound only supports forwarding, but I've never
found anything to back that up.

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