Profiling C application

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Sun Nov 29 14:27:10 UTC 2020

On 11/29/20 1:02 PM, Scott Bennett wrote:

>       Bugzilla only turned up one PR that may have a bearing on that.  See
> PR 198462 from 2017 and 10.1.

That might have been the timeframe (or not, I don't remember exactly).
However, that was not my problem, as it involves GCC, which I had 
trashed in favour of clang (or better, FreeBSD did and I adapted).

>  There's no sign that anyone, other than the poster
> of the PR, even looked into it, an unfortunately common situation.
>       Thank you for pointing out the problem.  Do you still have a test case you
> could try?

Not ATM.
I switched to other tools, as I said, and I'm not working on those 
project currently (but might again in the future).

I'll keep this mail around, in case I have the chance to answer in the 

  bye & Thanks

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