Cyrillic font for xterm/urxvt and libreoffice, firefox

Matthias Apitz guru at
Thu Nov 26 12:38:24 UTC 2020

El día jueves, noviembre 19, 2020 a las 08:37:41p. m. +0300, Vladimir Kondratyev escribió:

> >> After some checking, it appeared that very few of monospace fonts have
> >> m-style 'т'
> >> Consolas is one of them (x11-fonts/webfonts with CLEARTYPE option
> >> enabled)
> >> 
> >> urxvt -fn "xft:Consolas:pixelsize=24:style=Italic"

Привет Владимир,

The configuration in libreoffice for the above font is simple:
selecting the font Consolas and type 'I' (for italic). This gives the
attached document in LO. Nice.

I found until now no way to change to Italic in firefox. Consolas is
excepted and gives the normal Russian glyphs, but not in Italic, i.e. the
Russian 'т' looking like an English 'm'. Any idea how to trick firefox?
I use to study Russian online and it would be
nice to see there the writings in Italic to get used to it reading this
style of "handwritten" Russian. My professor at the University even
expects us writing by hand on paper in Russian and I now have to start learning
to write again like when I was a school boy 55 years ago. This is a
challenging project I started :-)



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