Choosing the right FreeBSD branch to test and maintain ports and docs

sasha vigole sasha.vigole at
Wed Nov 25 16:05:13 UTC 2020

>> should I build a testing FreeBSD machine, and maintain them on:
>> 1. base/head branch
>> 2. base/stable/12 branch
>> 3. base/releng/12.2
>> or it's irrelevant.

> Because of trouble with ethernet and wireless support in FreeBSD 12-stable and 13, and a subsequent update going only to the HEAD, I decided to go no furhter with FreeBSD 12.x.
> So I vote for the current branch, which offers more hope for getting needed improvements.
> Tom
Currently, I'm using base/head on my testing machine (/src /doc /ports).
But there's following sentence in the "Contributing to FreeBSD" article:
"FreeBSD only guarantees that the Ports Collection works on the -STABLE"
That has raised doubts about, whether I should change my testing setups.


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