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Fri Nov 13 08:51:26 UTC 2020

Hi Chris,

make sure you have enough upload bandwidth for your project.

In my office I have an FTTC access that is supposed to have an upload 
bandwidth of 2 Mbit/s.

At the beginning I had that bandwidth. Starting from january 2020 I 
realized that my ISP slew my upload bandwidth down to 0.6 Mbit/s.

Enrico Migliore

On 13/11/2020 01:13, Christian Baer wrote:
> Greetings Programs! :-)
> This is not exactly a FreeBSD question, so please don't throw rocks at
> me! :-) FreeBSD will however most likely be utilized for this project!
> Because of the lockdown here in Germany (I know, in many other places
> too), I have way too much time on my hands. And since I haven't
> had the chance to really spend any money since April, I can afford to
> spend a little. Don't go crazy, everybody! :-P
> I would like to build a little server for my own use. This server is to
> be reachable from the outside, so this is not really a home NAS thing.
> A few things I'd like to run:
> - Webserver (Apache or nginx)
> - Nextcloud
> - Jitsi
> - Dovecot
> - maybe an XMPP (like Prosody)
> - maybe a Matrix server
> I am currently using Nextcloud on shared hosting but would like to port
> that to hardware I control, not so much due to trust issues but because
> some of the NC-apps use a few more CPU-cycles than my ISP likes. While
> the performance for up- and downloads is more than fine, phonetrack is
> pretty laggy. This would be the first service I would set up. I
> currently also use XMPP, Matrix and IMAP, but on external servers and
> this works fine for me. So Jitsi would probably come next. But I do
> want to run all services in the long run.
> My internet connection is fast enough to run this sort of thing for my
> purposes.
> I am thinking about doing this using an ODROID N2+[1], the 4GB version.
> I have two main reasons for this:
> - ludic drive
>    Doing this on an ARM is way more exciting than on an AMD64. :-)
>    I have alread got a case for everything (an old modem from
>    the early 80s). It would look pretty cool. :-P
> - energy cost
>    Electricity is annoyingly expensive in Germany (a kWh costs ~30
>    Eurocents). So the fact that this computer needs a relatively small
>    amount of electricity (compared to the alternative) is a good factor
>    for me.
> The alternative would be a computer I still have standing around here.
> It's an AMD A10-7800 with 32GB of RAM on an Asus ROG board. It was
> bought for a special (non-gaming) purpose (hence the high amount of
> RAM), but never really got used, so it currently just collecting dust.
> The usage scale of this project is pretty minute actually. We are
> talking between a dozen an two dozen users at the most - closer to the
> one dozen, probably even less. It would be my family (including my
> brother and his family), maybe one or two people from work and a couple
> of friends. Most of the time, the system would be used for file storage,
> text messages (possibly photos or media messages). Video calls may
> cause some slightly higher loads.
> I am guessing that the "real" computer (as apposed to the SBC) will
> probably have more CPU-power and the extra RAM will also make a
> difference, but with a 65W TDP CPU, it will [probably] also *need* more
> power. :-) I have also considered that the "real" computer has much
> better connectivity for HDDs, which do not have to be connected via USB.
> What do you guys think? Would the SBC be able to deal with
> the said tasks or would it be worth using the machine I already own and
> deal with the electricity bill? I do want to have some reserves, so I
> do not have to turn anyone down, who may wish to join the club, but I
> do not want to go for an overkill either.
> Please give me your thoughts!
> Best regards und stay negative!
> Chris
> [1]
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