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Norman Gray norman.gray at
Wed Nov 11 09:57:17 UTC 2020

Gary, hello.

On 11 Nov 2020, at 2:44, Gary Aitken wrote:

> Can anyone recommend secure file-sharing services?  An organization I
> work with has a need for something more secure than google docs.
> Ideally it would allow some form of collaboration similar to the level
> offered by google docs.  Mostly word-type documents and spreadsheets.
> Barring that, just more secure sharing options still appreciated.

I use Tresorit <>.  It doesn't do google-doc-style 
collaboration, but it does do file sharing.

They make a point of advertising their attitude to security.  They're 
end-to-end encrypted, and do 'secure sharing' (which I put in quotes 
simply to acknowledge that's a tricky term to define).

They're not free (as in beer or speech), but I spend my own money on 
buying a service from them.

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