Sound issue

Yuri Pankov ypankov at
Mon Nov 9 15:56:02 UTC 2020

Jacques Foucry wrote:
> Hello folks,
> I use a Lenovo Thinkpad X280 with FreeBSD-12.2-RELEASE, i3wm as window
> manager, and I can't have a satifaying sound system.
> I installed Virtual OpenSound. I could have sound with caja, sometimes with
> firef¤x, but never with iridum or vlc.


> I cannot find an up to date tutorial :-(
> my /boot/loader.conf is very simple for sound part:
> hw.snd.latency=7


> snd_hda_load="YES"

Not needed, snd_hda is in GENERIC.

> On /etc/rc.conf:
> virtual_oss_enable="YES"


> and in /etc/syctl.conf:
> hw.snd.default_auto=1
> dev.hdac.0.polling=1


> Did someboy succeded to have working wound with interneal laptop sound system
> and jack plugged headset?
> Each time a have an online meeting my sound is over. Very annonying.

Sorry, but you have only described what you did, but not the problem you 
are trying to solve.

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