Firefox memory usage

Tomasz CEDRO tomek at
Mon Nov 9 11:25:32 UTC 2020

On Mon, Nov 9, 2020 at 9:08 AM Serpent7776 wrote:
> Never seen swapping caused by firefox. Some of the opened tabs are: slack,
> discord, rocket chat, twitter, linkedIn. Tho only extensions I use are uBlock
> origin, Disconnect and vimium. Also not using any desktop env, only
> herbstluftwm.
> I'm still on 11.4-RELEASE-p4.

I am not sure where did the change come from and what is the change
exactly but modern computers and OSes are less responsive than 10 or
20 years ago.

Maybe it is the switch between 11 and 12. I was using macOS since 2013
and all was fine until somewhere around 2017 I noticed those
responsiveness lags. Like the input mechanisms was changed, interrupts
replaced with polling (it seems like that from an electronics
perspective). The computer seemed slow and I did not like enforcing
changes, so I have moved to FreeBSD for good also on my desktop. But
for some time it also get "the same way slow" here on FreeBSD.

Is it something with memory management or task scheduling that changed
substantially around 11 or 12 in FreeBSD? Can I change that?

Maybe the way input is handled changed?

Maybe this is Intel hardware sharing resources between CPU and GPU so
when CPU gets buty all system gets laggy.. very slight changes like
milliseconds but disturbing the closed feedback loop of interaction
missing clicks etc. The hardware is the same but the experience is far
worse with time.

I also work on a desktop based FreeBSD workstation with AMD CPU and
RADEON GPU also the Enlightenment WM and I can see no impact like this
in preformance-vs-experience.

There is a 16GB of RAM in a desktop pc instead 8GB as in a laptop pc
but the laptop has M2 SSD and 20GB of swap. Swap is on a separate
dedicated partition. All ZFS is ELI encrypted. I have no fun of
working on this machine anymore and I don't really need to buy a new
machine just to get things running smoothly. For working compiling and
calculations I have a dedicated machine with 24CPU and 128GB RAM.
These are not the basic hardware requirements for modern desktop
everyday tasks OS right?

Best regards :-)


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