Recipe for compiling and installing CURRENT on 12.x RELEASE in a seperate boot env?

Michael Schuster michaelsprivate at
Thu Nov 5 19:59:33 UTC 2020

Hi all,

Problem: the AMD GPU (Vega10 Renoir) in my laptop is too new to be
supported by 12.2 RELEASE, and I have it from reliable sources that CURRENT
either already supports or soon will support this adapter thx to drm 5.5(?)
being imported into CURRENT.

The approach I've tried several times now goes as follows (following the
outline of

Since I use ZFS, I base my installation work on boot environments (I use

On 12.2:

   1. cd /usr/src , svn up
   2. make buildworld
   3. make buildkernel
   4. create a new boot env,
   5. make installkernel into new BE, reboot into new BE
   6. make installworld
   7. mergemaster

[ this may a be a bit imprecise in the details, I do this only once in a
while ]

The problem with this approach is that when I reboot (step 5b), none of the
ZFS volumes (except  "/") is mounted, therefore no $HOME, therefore no X.

So ... I'm probably doing something wrong, I just don't know what.

I'd be surprised if I were the only one trying this approach ... so, does
anyone have (a link to) a tested recipe to address this kind of problem?

Michael Schuster
recursion, n: see 'recursion'

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