FreeBSD 12.2 login

LuMiWa lumiwa at
Wed Nov 4 22:10:59 UTC 2020

On Wed, 4 Nov 2020 12:11:22 +1030
Shane Ambler <FreeBSD at ShaneWare.Biz> wrote:

> On 4/11/20 9:21 am, LuMiWa via freebsd-questions wrote:
> > Hi!
> > 
> > I did update FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE to 12.2-RELEASE with
> > freebsd-update without problem but when I login in it shows FreeBSD
> > 12.1 but uname shows correct. I did run cap_mkbd /etc/login.conf
> > but it is the same.
> Sounds like /etc/motd didn't get updated.

Thank you. I forgot that I didn't update /etc/motd.

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