Keyboard and mouse not working after X update

Tomasz CEDRO tomek at
Sun May 31 23:02:02 UTC 2020

On Mon, Jun 1, 2020 at 12:11 AM Polytropon wrote:
> What is the correct driver for X for "modesetting", and how
> can I easily verify it has been loaded?

It is part of the Xorg I guess. Make sure you are in the video group.
Use no config launch startx and it should auto configure. Well thing
changed a bit and we just need to put some time for that to work no
other way ;-)

> > You may
> > try the old drivers with the older hardware but I found them
> > problematic.
> I don't want "problematic", I want "it works", and it doesn't
> matter if "new works" or "old works"; FreeBSD has been able
> to deliver "it works" for decades. :-)

Well there are some issues but I moved away from macOS to FreeBSD
looking at the direction of global changes and the way it goes does
not look promising. Seems like we are the folks to "make things work"
now. BSD still seems to be "the rational island" in this "sand castle
world" and I can clearly see that I also need to add my bricks to make
it work well thus my focus here :-)

> > I
> > also use hald and dbus.
> Accepting outdated Linux stuff to make FreeBSD graphics
> work again doesn't sound as if it was the right thing to
> do... ;-)

Yea, but this is my _work_station_ so my main focus is to get the
results in a shorter and shorter time spans.. not always I have lots
of time to play and fix things anymore.. the world gone mad :-(

After I finish a bigger project around August I will get back to E +
Wayland on FreeBSD. I am working now and testing the new
EFL+Enlightenment (still in Xorg mode). The E community is very
helpful and responsive that also use FreeBSD and sometimes offer
patches really quickly. Still some work to make it production ready

> Many many moving parts. :-)

"Change is good" man "root is obsolete" why do we even need those
computers ;-) ;-)


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