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Sat May 30 11:42:34 UTC 2020

On 30/05/2020 07:51, Brandon helsley wrote:
> what is ixsystems?

Ixsystems is a company based in California and Tennessee who sell a
range of hardware, including various storage solutions based on FreeBSD.

The founders of the company included a number of FreeBSD developers, and
they have been big supporters of the project over the years.  The did at
one time produce PC-BSD, a desktop-oriented distribution of FreeBSD, but
unfortunately commercial pressures have lead to their ceasing
development on that.

> but I'm first searching for official freebsd mentor

'Mentor' in the FreeBSD project has a formal meaning as 'the person (or
people) designated to guide new committers.'  It's one of those
milestones you get to once your FreeBSD career is already quite well
advanced.  You don't tend to get nominated as a new committer until
you've both a decent track record of patches or other code
contributions, and established yourself as a member of the community by
participating in on-line activities (basically showing that you can
collaborate well with other committers) and preferably also by coming to
some BSD conferences or other real-life events, although that is pretty
much out of the question right now given the current pandemic.

As to how to get started in FreeBSD work?  Well, what areas interest
you?  What skill sets do you have that could be applied to the project?
The project has pretty much always been chronically short of manpower,
so volunteers in any areas are always most welcome.



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