rEFInd and _two_ FREEBSD systems on the same disk on the same UEFI laptop

Masachika ISHIZUKA ish at
Wed May 27 06:40:24 UTC 2020

> Has anyone installed two BSD (say -RELEASE and -STABLE) on the same disk on the same UEFI machine using rEFInd?

  I'm using rEFInd and /dev/ada0p9 is / for 12.1-release and
/dev/ada0p10 is / for 13-current.

  I copied /boot/loader.efi (from current) to /EFI/freebsd/loader.efi.

  /EFI/refind/refind.conf is like the following.

menuentry FreeBSD-release {
	loader /EFI/freebsd/loader.efi
	options "rootdev=disk0p9 autoboot_delay=1"
	icon /EFI/refind/icons/os_freebsd-release.png

menuentry FreeBSD-current {
        loader /EFI/freebsd/loader.efi
	options "rootdev=disk0p10 autoboot_delay=1"
	icon /EFI/refind/icons/os_freebsd-current.png
Masachika ISHIZUKA

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