nvi expandtab - tabs to spaces

Derek (freebsd lists) 482254ac at razorfever.net
Tue May 26 18:58:36 UTC 2020

On 2020-05-26 2:09 p.m., Derek (freebsd lists) wrote:
> On 2020-05-26 12:48 p.m., matthew at FreeBSD.org wrote:
>> Or use expand(1) from the command line...
> That's what I'm looking for, thank you.  No external dependencies.  I'll 
> just change my muscle memory around.
> Gratitude.

I guess I should add for posterity, you can do in vi:

:<range>!expand -t <width>


:.,.+6!expand -t 4

takes the current and the following 6 lines, and converts the tabs to 4 


will convert the whole buffer to 8-space tabs.

Thanks again!

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