installation of 12.1R and 11.3R fails

Donald Wilde dwilde1 at
Mon May 25 18:54:34 UTC 2020

Adding the Synth maintainer, Eric. Eric, this all started when I tried
to update my Handbook to 12-STABLE. Silly me...

Synth crashed it again, but it didn't kill the machine -- I thought.
It did run out of swap space.

I started installing the ports manually to see what was going on,and
it gave me a very interesting response when I tried to 'pkg install

It updated the FreeBSD repo successfully, but then it tried to update
the Synth repo. I suspect that what happened is that it built a large
stack/structure of objects to write to the Synth /var/log directory
and blew through all the swap space I had, making a wreck of my

At least I am getting better at this! ;-]

Don Wilde
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