updating a FreeBSD workstation

Donald Wilde dwilde1 at gmail.com
Sat May 23 21:20:06 UTC 2020

I use Ubuntu 18.04 as my desktop-of-choice and recommend it for my
corporate clients for non-rack applications. Raw Debian might be
better -- especially with a lighter-weight desktop like XFCE -- but
the ease of just clicking "Ubuntu" when installing a package is
monumental when you need a "just works" system to introduce people
(especially Doze-heads) to the UNIX-like system world. I scraped Doze
off a laptop for my housekeeper and she's now completely satisfied
with Ubuntu and LibreOffice! That says a lot.

FreeBSD and Linux _are_ very, very different, which is why I'm now
loading a mule machine with 12-STABLE prior to building racks with
gobs (warning: technical term) of FreeBSD servers. For servers I can't
see CentOS or SUSE as being as good as FreeBSD in terms of either
performance or customization potential, and I suspect that that will
stay true with the sustenance FreeBSD has from the corporate user

Don Wilde
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