FreeBSD as an Active Directory Domain Controller

James B. Byrne byrnejb at
Wed May 20 17:09:38 UTC 2020

I have a AD-DC running Samba43 on FreeBSD-10.3 in a Bhyve vm.  I wish to move
it off of that platform and onto a Samba410 or 411 in an iocage jail running on

I can create and provision a DC inside the jail.  I can have a samba410
instance in the jail join the domain as a DC.  What I cannot seem to have
happen is to replicate the existing DC onto the new DC.  I have discovered that
this also seems to be the case for the original DC on a UFS based bhyve jail. 
I cannot replicate between two FreeBSD-10.3 UFS vms either.

By replication I mean the ability to transfer the sysvol, USERS, and PROFILES
directory trees between systems and maintain the windows acls already in place.

What I would like to find out is whether it is at all possible to have a
samba-4.10 (or 4.11) based AD on FreeBSD using ZFS with multiple DCs and
replication. Is someone has this working I would appreciate being told how it
is done.

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