How to mount mdf mds in freebsd?

dmn graahnul.grom at
Tue May 12 12:59:59 UTC 2020

Hi Nikita!

Apparently, for some reason, you have to use the
Yandex web interface to write your messages.
The message composer there has been updated recently,
and now it allows you to send e-mail in HTML format
_only_ (it's a bug, I believe).
However, you can click the button in the bottom right
corner of the editor window (crossed out "beta" symbol):
"Click here to enable the old email editor" ("Нажмите,
чтобы включить старый редактор писем"). In the "old"
editor, you have an option to send a message as plain
text: click "Without formatting" ("Без оформления")
link below the "Subject" ("Тема") line.


Lepton Electronic Design Automation

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