How to mount mdf mds in freebsd?

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Mon May 11 19:28:53 UTC 2020

On Tue, 12 May 2020 01:07:47 +0600, Nikita Stepanov wrote:
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The easiest way probably is to use the program mdf2iso to convert
the image to a standard ISO-9660 filesystem, and then mount that
filesystem, using a virtual node.

	# pkg install mdf2iso
	# mdf2iso example.mdf example.iso
	# mdconfig -a -u 100 -t vnode -f example.iso
	# mount -o ro -t cd9660 /dev/md0 /mnt
		... use /mnt ...
	# umount /mnt
	# mdconfig -d -u 100

Replace "example" with the correct filename; you can omit the
mdconfig parameter -u 100 and just use what mdconfig tells you.


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