Firefox 76.0 videoconference problems

Tomasz CEDRO tomek at
Sun May 10 17:21:08 UTC 2020

Hello world,

I lost the videoconferencing in new Firefox 76.0. It was working fine
not that long ago. Now all communicators have the same problem (I use
Google Hangouts, Google Meet, and open-source JITSI).

I can see my camera preview, microphone bar jumps while talking, but
my audio-video is not seen on the other side, also no audio-video
comes to my machine. Also screen sharing does not work.

On Chromium camera started working recently (thank you!) but I have
microphone problem it only seems to support OSS that does not work. On
Firefox I use PulseAudio that works fine and have much more control
than OSS. Also the sound is  glitchy and disappears, not really usable
at all.

Did anyone observe such problems with recent Firefox?

Is it Firefox problem or the port problem?

Any hints welcome :-)


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