On a serious note, what I'd change about FreeBSD hier(7)

Timo Buhrmester fstd.lkml at gmail.com
Wed May 6 17:51:05 UTC 2020

> I'd pretty much want to have all non-base stuff into somewhere else
> than /usr/local. I like NetBSD installing ports in /usr/pkg (or
> whenever you want set your $PREFIX to). I'd rather have /usr/local for
> my own personal software and avoid it messing up with official ports.

Same here.  I have a single FreeBSD machine in an ocean of NetBSD and
Linux so every now and then I'll install something without stopping to
recall that I'm on the FreeBSD machine.  It hurts every time to undo
the installation, especially when what was installed collided with
an installed port.

Maybe I should write a make wrapper that detects whether I'm in
/usr/local and goes Abort, Retry, Ignore?...

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