Brother HL-L2340D printer and lpd?

Victor Sudakov vas at
Wed May 6 11:00:07 UTC 2020

Polytropon wrote:
> > > Personally, I use "encript" for turning ASCII reports
> > 
> > enscript is good, but it has huge problems with Cyrillic, and is totally
> > lacking multibyte support (UTF-8).
> Correct. That's why I had to use it with ISO-8859-1 standard
> western europe character set (single byte per symbol) in order
> to get Umlauts displayed correctly. Maybe another processing
> step ("recode utf-8..koi8 <file>") can be used in the printer
> filter.

No matter how I tried "enscript -X koi8 -p russian-koi8.txt" on
Russian files, the resulting PostScript file is shown by GhostScript
with question marks instead of Russian characters.

I've also tried the ISO charset:

$ iconv -f koi8-r -t ISO-8859-5 < russian-koi8.txt > russian-iso.txt
$ enscript -X cyrillic -p russian-iso.txt
[ 3 pages * 1 copy ] left in
53 characters were missing

I still get the same question marks (I use gs's png driver to view the
resulting PostScript).

Victor Sudakov,  VAS4-RIPE, VAS47-RIPN
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