using subversion

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Wed May 6 00:16:32 UTC 2020

Michael Schuster writes:

>   >              Scenario:
>   >              I have a directory, FOO, which is the root for an svn tree.
>   >              Under FOO is (directory) BAR.
>   >              I want to delete - as in completely remove from both disk and the
>   >      svn records - BAR (and subordinate content).
>   >              Then I want to get a pristine copy of BAR (and subordinate
>   >      content) from the repository.
>   >              Is this the correct process:
>   >  
>   >      root> cd FOO
>   >      root> svn rm BAR
>   >      root> svn co BAR
>   >  
>   >              ?  (And if not: what is?)
>   >  I think "svn revert" is what you are looking for... 

	Additional information:
	There have been no deliberate changes in BAR; the contents of
the (sub-)tree seem to have been corrupted and I want to wipe things
out and start over from the same point as FOO.
	Does that change the answer?


				Robert Huff

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