Brother printer/scanner

D'Arcy Cain darcy at
Tue May 5 20:59:04 UTC 2020

With all of the discussion about Brother printers I thought I might
throw this out there.  I have a Brother MFC-L2700DW series
printer/scanner.  There does not seem to be a driver for cups for it so
I am going to try some of the suggestions in the "Brother HL-L2340D
printer and lpd?" thread.  I like lpd better than cups anyway.

However, I don't see anything about scanning.  I somehow managed to get
scanning working on an Ubuntu system but never on FreeBSD or NetBSD.
Can anyone suggest some way to make this device work with xsane or some
other system?

The printer is on the network.  I can even access the internal web
server from my FreeBSD box.

Thanks for any help.

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