drive selection for disk arrays

David Christensen dpchrist at
Wed Mar 25 22:20:01 UTC 2020

Jacques Foucry wrote:

> ALWAYS (when it's possible) buy and use disks from different brand 
> (mix seagate, WD, etc..) in order to avoid same series and same 
> I know this to late in this case, but keep this in mind.
> I know this will not help in this case, please excuse my
> intervention if it's inappropriate.

To date, most of my arrays have been composed of similar drives.  But, I 
run a SOHO LAN and have limited experience.  I have been wondering about 
using dissimilar drives to prevent simultaneous common-mode failures.

Backblaze publishes statistics for individual drives:

I would be curious to read any data or reports comparing arrays of 
similar drives vs. arrays of dissimilar drives.

Have anyone seen a failure involving multiple similar drives all failing 
in the same mode at the same time?


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