USB keyboard on 3.0 hub at boot

Russell L. Carter rcarter at
Tue Mar 24 23:35:27 UTC 2020


I have a "Cooler Master Technology Inc. MasterKeys S" plugged into a
recent Anker USB 3 hub.  On boot, it is not active at the loader
prompt, and even after fully booting up, I have to pull the plug, wait
a few seconds, and then plug it back in to activate the keyboard for
eg the xdm screen.

I've been spending some time in man syscons(4), vt(4), atkbd(4),
ukbd(4), uhci(4), and ohci(4), and I do not understand:

1) if it's possible to have an active USB keyboard connected to a
    USB-3 hub at the loader prompt

2) why my USB keyboard doesn't work even after the system is fully
    booted up, and has to be unplugged/plugged in again to activate.

I have sc, vt, atkbd, atkbdc, ukbd, ohci, uhci, and xhci configured in
the kernel, and /boot/loader.conf contains:

# man sound(4) EQ section:

These settings were originally worked out maybe 6 years ago and some
might be obsolete.


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