Upgrading Php from 7.3 to 7.4 branch without having to uninstall and reinstall

David Mehler dave.mehler at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 17:02:32 UTC 2020


I'm wanting to upgrade my existing php installation which is 7.3.x to
7.4.x.  I've seen a lot of ways to do this with packages, but I've got
 of php 7.3* installed in a jail, with custom installation and
 configuration options set (done during make config). I'd like to now
 upgrade all that to php 7.4* preferably without having to do an
 uninstall of everything and a reinstallation of 7.4, as well as having
 updated libraries when done. In my make.conf on my default_versions
 line I've got php 7.4 set. I've done a portmaster -Bda
 --delete-build-only and it says all ports are up to date. Is there a
 quick way I can pull this off?


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