Technological advantages over Linux

Victor Sudakov vas at
Wed Mar 18 05:47:39 UTC 2020

Valeri Galtsev wrote:
> > > 
> > > why? jails are so lightweight and are created almost instantly..
> > 
> > But upgraded and updated painfully. I still see nightmares about ezjail
> > on our web-hosting server.
> I agree with Julien, jails are simple, slim, flexible, and convenient. Easy
> to update, upgrade, and migrate. I maintain over 3 dozens of jails on
> several physical machines. Never had any trouble with updates or upgrades.
> And mind that I build jails "by the book", using ezjail is supposed to be
> even simpler, I'm baffled why you had problems with these.

How do you update/upgrade a) base system and b) packages on those jails
"by the book"? Please share.

Is this "freebsd-update -b /jails/jail1" and "pkg -j jail1 upgrade" in
thick provisioned jails (for each jail)? Or something more clever?

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