Technological advantages over Linux

Victor Sudakov vas at
Mon Mar 16 11:02:50 UTC 2020

Greg Veldman wrote:
> The insanity of systemd is a large part of what convinced me
> to migrate all my personal machines from GNU/Linux to FreeBSD
> a couple of years ago.

I've just come across two related things which may convince me to
migrate some machines from FreeBSD to Debian.

1. On Debian, you can run several instances of php-fpm with different
PHP versions in them.

2. On Debian, you can install and run several versions of PostgreSQL
simultaneously thanks to the pg_createcluster/pg_lsclusters/...

All that from standard packages, without manual compiling and tweaking,
jails etc, with minimal effort.

Not that FreeBSD could not do that, it just does not do that. Especially
PHP verions are a great PITA.

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