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> > Working on getting a Huion drawing pad working on a laptop.
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> > # uname -a
> > FreeBSD ayo 12.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE r354233 GENERIC  amd64
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The latest Wacom driver does actually have support for Huion H610 Pro
V2, which is the device I have. But it seems (??) either Huion changed
the product id from 6e to 6d after the Wacom driver was released, or
the devs made a typo, or for whatever reason mine is just not a 6e.
That's something for me to deal with upstream on that project. (I
noticed the wacom driver was updated in ports, right after i posted

But, it should work with libevdev I guess. on the Debian laptop it
uses libevdev 1.9 and Xorg.0.log identifies it as a "tablet". I
thought maybe this was my issue. It seems devel/libevdev was last
updated 2018 AFAIK. I made an updated port for 1.9.0 if somebody needs
it for something. If you use it you should probably rebuild
x11-drivers/xf86-input-evdev (from ports) and re-install it, since it
links to libevdev.

This didn't actually solve my problem though, so libevdev-1.9.0 is
probably not actually interesting anyway. I'm guessing it hasn't been
touched since 2018 for a reason.

diff patch here.

One thing I notice is that on the Debian laptop, it is identified as
"tablet" in Xorg.0.log from evdev/libinput. But on FreeBSD laptop it
is identified as a "mouse" by udev. (according to Xorg.0.log) I'm
going to poke around and see if something needs to be configured.

# libinput debug-events
shows the device, but no data. it's like it's a dead device.
Reading the corresponding /dev/input/event* handle programmatically
also has no output.
But both of these methods produce output on the Debian laptop.

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